'Hi Guys, just a quick line to let you know how delighted we are with the bespoke 'Fat Skeleton' Custom Gas Pump you supplied for us.
It had it's first outing at the NEC Bike show last November & the results were AMAZING!!!  We actualy sold as much of the product we displayed in it in a single day as we had in the full 8 day duration of the show in the previous year!  The pump acts as a real sales magnet, we even had people wanting their photos taken with it!'
Kind Regards


“I am absolutely delighted with my gas pump which is admired by everyone that sees it. With all of the options available I was able to tailor the specification  to make it the perfect showcase for my collection of model Corvettes. Definitely a product for all petrolheads.”

I look forward to seeing you at Goodwood.

Kind regards,


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