"Our only limitation is your imagination"

About Custom Gas Pumps

Custom Gas Pumps are proud to present the ultimate accessory for your beloved car or motor cycle.

Whether you want a custom gas pump sitting next to your car in the garage or a display cabinet taking pride of place in your lounge or office, we can build you your very own unique piece of iconic automotive memorabilia.

“ ... your very own unique piece of iconic automotive memorabilia ... ”

You may be a corporate entity that would like to display your products in one of our cabinets using your corporate colours and logo whether it be in your reception area or at a trade event.

Where we have the advantage over other suppliers is that each pump / cabinet is hand built to each customers own unique specific requirements and therefore no two pumps are the same. Our only limitation is our customers imagination.

Contact us today with your design.

Various new models are in the development stage, so please re-visit us on a regular basis or follow us our Facebook Page.